The Lake Travis QB Factory

k9rSTwKo_400x400.jpgAway from the the eyes of those closely watching recruiting rankings, quarterback Matthew Baldwin — Ohio State’s newest commit — has stormed the scene in Texas. He’s done so at the highest level of Texas football, at Lake Travis, outside of Austin.

Lake Travis’ major export is FBS quarterbacks. Baldwin will be the seventh Lake Travis quarterback to play for a power five school in the last 12 years. And as Lake Travis alumnus Baker Mayfield walked away with the Heisman Trophy last night, the eyes of Austin cast their gaze again on Baldwin in the regional final of the Texas playoffs at the Alamodome.

On Mayfield’s big night, Baldwin did not disappoint — going  24-30 for 220 yards and two TDs, adding a third score on the ground. Baldwin’s numbers have been best when it’s mattered most in the playoffs: 59 of 77 for 709 yards, and nine TDs against a single interception.

Already, the local press in Austin is talking about the next great one from Travis — and chastising recruiting services for overlooking Baldwin (it’s only his 14th start, so he’s flown under the radar). Cedric Golden of the Austin American-Statesman examines Baldwin’s success for Lake Travis’ quarterback factory.

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Photo: Lake Travis Football

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