Illibuck – A Longtime Columbus Resident

There are 15 Big Ten rivalry trophies. When you brake down the all-time series of each, OSU-Illinois is the third most lopsided  — with the Buckeyes walking away the winners 68% of the time.

Illibuck has become a long-time resident of Columbus since the Bucks last lost to Illinois in 2007. And there is good reason that this one will get out of hand early.

Ohio State boasts the third most potent offense in the nation, and a top 15 defense. Illinois? Well, they have not fielded a competitive football team. Illinois can’t really move the ball (offense ranked No. 123 in the nation), nor can they stop the run (running defense ranked No. 104 nationally). When you can’t do those two things well, it makes good sense that you won’t win many football games — which is exactly the fate of Illinois, which hasn’t won since September 9 (an eight game losing skid).

Like so many others during the span of his record-setting career, J.T. Barrett will make short work of these guys. The Buckeyes call off the dogs on this one in the second half — but still etch their largest victory in series history surpassing the 48-0 beat down in 1996, OSU 63-7.

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Photo: Sam Howzit

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