Penn State Hasn’t Played a Good Offense All Season

Penn State enters next Saturday’s match up against OSU rolling, after humiliating Michigan last night 42-13. Penn State is talented, and next week will be a battle. But it’s also true that the Nittany Lions, who have the nation’s No. 1 scoring defense, haven’t seen an offensive unit with the same skill as Ohio State all season.

Put simply, Penn State has played bad offenses all season. Ohio State enters the contest third in total offense in the country. The breakdown below shows the total offense of all of Penn State’s opponents so far this season (you know you’ve played a weak slate when Northwestern is the best unit, and Georgia State is the second best).

PSU Opponent – Total Offense Rank
Akron – 116
Pittsburgh – 92
Georgia St. – 83
Iowa – 103
Indiana – 94
Northwestern – 74
Michigan – 97
Ohio State – 3

AROUND THE BIG (Home teams go 6-0!): Penn State 42, Michigan 13; Wisconsin 38, Maryland 13; Michigan State 17, Indiana 9; Northwestern 17, Iowa 10; Rutgers 14, Purdue 12; Minnesota 24, Illinois 17

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