Kickoff Coverage Is a Mess Right Now


With freshman Blake Haubeil handling kickoffs, the Buckeyes rank No. 53 nationally in kickoff coverage. Urban is not pleased — and it may soon lead to field goal kicker Sean Nuernberger getting a shot at kickoff duty against UNLV. Meyer discussed the areas that need to improve with media Monday, “Pass defense and continue growth on offense. And punt return has still been nonexistent. No one’s fault. We just haven’t had very many opportunities to return a punt…Kickoff coverage is a mess right now. We don’t have a kicker that can kick the ball. If you notice, one almost went out up in the seats…So there’s plenty of things that have a lot of issues that we have to get cleaned up and all our focus is on that…So I’m thinking about Nuernberger being our kickoff guy.” Tim May with more. Read the full transcript of Meyer’s press conference remarks here.

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Photo: David Grant

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