Damon Webb: We’re Ready for Baker Mayfield


By now, the Buckeye defense has heard enough about how Indiana threw for 420 yards against them in Week 1. But how after that performance do you prepare for star Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield, who does some of his best work improvising when the play breaks down? Buckeye safety  Damon Webb reflected on the challenge of preparing for Mayfield’s gunslinging ways and the value scout team QB Tate Martell has brought to the preparation, “It’s very hard [preparing for an improvising quarterback]…but we’ve been practicing it all camp and all offseason…[Tate Martell] has been giving us a great look…We’ve been practicing against Tate all fall camp. I feel we’re ready for Baker Mayfield.” Bill Rabinowitz with more.

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Photo: Jimmy Emerson, DVM

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