Martell Loses Black Stripe, Officially Joins Team


Ranked as the No. 2 dual-threat quarterback of 2017, Tate Martell entered fall camp as one of the most highly touted incoming freshmen of Ohio State’s talented recruiting class. At times he struggled, at other times he dazzled. On Sunday, coach Meyer shared video of Martell losing his black stripe, the rite of passage to officially become a member of the Buckeyes team. Choking up in a speech before the team Martell said, “I was starting to mess up a little bit when I first got here because it was rough for me…Honestly, all you guys pushed me to go. I’ve figured it out, and I’m going hard now.” Watch the video here. Martell joined safety Brendon White and guard Wyatt Davis as the latest freshmen to lose their stripes, read the full list here.

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