Buckeyes Defend JT After Clemson Criticism – “I’ll Take My QB Before Anybody”

By Jim Baird | AM Football Briefing | Thursday, December 29

Buckeyes Defend JT After Clemson Criticism – “I’ll Take My QB Before Anybody.” After Clemson’s starting safety Jadar Johnson was critical of Barrett yesterday, saying he wasn’t impressed with J.T.’s throwing ability, OSU linebacker Chris Worely came to his quarterback’s defense, “That’s my quarterback…That’s what (Terrell Owens) said…At the end of the day, J.T. is a winner…That’s all he cares about. I look at him like a Tom Brady. He may not be the fastest, he may not be the tallest, he may not have the strongest arm in the game, but if you need a quarterback to win the game, you better put J.T. in. That’s what it’s all about. That’s all anyone who plays football cares about, who’s winning and who’s losing…People have seen it throughout J.T.’s career. Overtime at Penn State a few years ago, he had a knee injury, probably wasn’t supposed to come back in the game, came back and willed us to a victory. Offense wasn’t playing well against (Michigan), see him come back and help us win the game. That’s what he is. I’ll take my quarterback, like T.O. said, before anybody.” Bill Landis with more.

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