Buckeye Stocking Stuffers

By Jim Baird | AM Football Briefing | Sunday, December 25

Buckeye Stocking Stuffers: Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family. Is your stocking looking a little light this year (aside from the coal your mom and dad dropped in years ago that miraculously manages to stay in there every year)? Our friends at Eleven Warriors have just the gift you need today — the top 11 OSU plays from the 2016 season, watch them here. Number one won’t make fans from That School Up North very happy.

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1) Big game looms, so football always present for players, Tim May, Columbus Dispatch – December 25
2) Noah Brown, rest of Buckeyes know they need improved passing game against Clemson, Marla Ridenour, Akron Beacon Journal – December 24
3) Getting Past Clemson’s Vaunted Defensive Line is Top Priority for Ohio State in Fiesta Bowl, Eric Seger, Eleven Warriors – December 25
4) Ohio State defensive line coach Larry Johnson gets good results without bad words, Rob Oller, Columbus Dispatch – December 25

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