WOODY – ‘We’re Not Getting Gas in This [expletive] State’

By Jim Baird | AM Football Briefing

WOODY – ‘We’re Not Getting Gas in This [expletive] State’ — Woody Hayes did not give a damn for the whole state of Michigan. While still in Michigan  — near the Ohio border — returning from a recruiting trip to Detroit, the legend goes that Hayes was running empty on gas and opted to push his car over the Ohio state line to avoid spending money on gas that would aid the Michigan economy. That’s not quite right — but the true story is just as good…

David Briggs interviewed the driver of the car Ohio State assistant coach Ed Ferkany in the best story you’ll read all day, “The gas gauge keeps going to the other side of empty,” Mr. Ferkany said, “and I said, ‘Coach, we have got to get gas!’” Mr. Hayes’ voice rose. “We’re not getting any gas in this [expletive] state,” he said. “The tax money we’d be paying them on the gas would be going to them, and I’m not supporting them in any way possible.’” That was that. They were either going to putter across the state line with a bone-dry tank or get stranded trying. Somehow, they puttered across. “On fumes,” Mr. Ferkany said. The men pulled off at the Alexis Road exit 0.8 miles across the Ohio border, filled up, and headed home to Columbus.

PREDICTION: Here we go. Curtis Samuel makes Jabrill Peppers look slow, finding creases in a typically stout Michigan defense, while Ohio State’s D rises to the occasion — halting Michigan’s power run game. Ohio State 31-Michigan 21.

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