Fickell on McMillan “He’s as Good as I’ve Been Around”

By Jim Baird | AM Football Briefing | Thursday, October 13

FICKELL ON MCMILLAN: ‘HE’S AS GOOD AS I’VE BEEN AROUND’ — Who led the Buckeyes in tackles in 2015? Who is leading Ohio State in tackles in 2016? If you said Raekwon McMillan, you are correct on both fronts. McMillan racked up 119 tackles in 2015 and has 33 so far this season. Defensive Co-Coordinator Luke Fickell has nothing but praise for his performance and leadership, “He’s as good as I’ve been around…He doesn’t have some of the splash plays. He doesn’t have a pick-six like Jerome Baker or Malik Hooker. But you know what, I don’t know where we’d be without him.”  Bill Rabinowitz with more on McMillan’s role leading the defense.

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