Meyer: OSU Played Good, Not Great

By Jim Baird | AM Football Briefing | Tuesday, September 6 – 8:45 AM

URBAN: OSU PLAYED GOOD, NOT GREAT  — Coach Meyer said there was a lot of room for improvement after a 77-10 drubbing of Bowling Green, highlights from his weekly press conference below:

Q. You said on Saturday that you have to look at the tape to see if the performance was really as good as it looked. What was your assessment after reviewing?

COACH MEYER: I think it was good. It wasn’t great. It was good. Some disappointments that — I think Corey Smith should be better than he is. I think he didn’t play great. He’s dealing with some injuries. And I don’t think that the technique of our wideouts was where it needs to be, even though they did make some very good plays. I thought our tailback played good. Offensive line, obviously when you only have one guy grade champion, they didn’t play very good. So they have to get much better.

What happens is, and you’ll hear the old adage that people get better between one and two and that’s because you get your game legs back. For example, our guys have been off since Wednesday — actually Tuesday. They didn’t have padded, there’s some guys on our team that have not hit since last Tuesday. And they’re not going to practice again until tomorrow. So your body starts to come back and you’ll be full speed.

Q. Coaches love teachable moments. When you win by 67, were there teachable moments, either positive or negative, that you work on this week?

COACH MEYER: Oh, sure. One lineman graded out a winner. Our starting receivers did not grade out a winner, I believe. There’s some great teachable moments in there.

You have a kickoff unit that’s expected to be the best. We had one good one and two or three bad ones. So there’s incredible moments. So it’s a lot more enjoyable to coach after a big win than the opposite. But, of course, yeah, big teachable moments.

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