Buckeye Daily – Freshmen Impress at First Practice

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: On Sunday, freshmen and veterans hit the Woody Hayes for the first practice of the season. What did Urban think? “Good first day…A very impressive first year group of players that went out this morning…There will certainly be some of them playing…Last year’s group (of freshmen) was not very mature for whatever reason. And there’s a lot of reasons because they are not bad people, but it probably was that they looked in front of them and saw a monster that they couldn’t beat out. And what’s human nature, ‘I’m not going to beat that guy out, so I’m going to act like an 18 year old.’ Where if all of a sudden if you’re getting ready in three weeks and I say ‘you’re playing’ that kind of makes people mature rather quickly. So I think (this freshmen class) is a much more mature group because they see this is open season man, go beat someone out.”

PHOTOS: Day one practice. VIDEO: Urban and JT’s full press conferenceMORE: Tim May on the freshmen and upperclassmen camp sessions. Bill Landis projects depth chart after first day of camp. Does JT miss Cardale? Doug Lesmerises with the answer. Tim Shoemaker on freshman lineman Michael Jordan practicing without black stripe.

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THE EDGE: In 2014 the team motto was ‘The Chase,’ last year it was ‘The Grind,’ now 2016 is ‘The Edge.’ What is the edge? “The edge is where average stops and elite begins,” said Meyer.

AUGUST 17: How long until Urban knows what kind of team he’s got? “I’m counting on about practice 12 is going to be that line of demarcation where I’ll tell you what kind of team we have.” With two-a-days looming, practice No. 12 is August 17.

PEPPERS ON OSU, ‘THEY KICKED OUR ASS’: That School Up North’s Jabrill Peppers offered his assessment of THE GAME last season “They kicked our ass.” More at Eleven Warriors.

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